The Oyster and the Pearl

My intent for this blog is to keep it positive – focused on the aspirational and inspirational.

By it’s nature however, the search for our Legacy Career may take us to some disturbing places.  In making a lasting contribution we may be seeking to better a condition that we somehow find unacceptable at a personal and societal level.

That is the way of the oyster and the pearl.  The oyster forms a pearl only to resolve the irritation from a grain of sand which finds its way into its shell.  Without the irritation, no iridescent gem is formed.

It is in this spirit that I share a most relevant, timely, and disturbing grain of sand.

In general, I stay away from online news apps.  They are addictive, soak up too much time, and distract me from what matters most – things I choose to do something about.  But, to stay “plugged in” with what’s going on I subscribe to an app called Medium.  It has a wide range of quality content that I can narrow with filters by interest.

Two weeks ago my attention was grabbed by an article which began, “How to Biohack Your Intelligence…”.  Okay.  Sounds interesting, so I dove in.  Then whoa!  This is what I read…

 I think that what we are doing with biohacking is the beginning of humanity’s split into separate species. Enhanced posthumans who will make all the decisions (and who will likely come from the tech communities of Silicon Valley and China). “Basic humans,” who will (maybe) be taken care of well, but will have no real say in what happens.

Wait.  Did I read that correctly?  Yes, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  Here it is again – the pursuit of a master race.  Didn’t we put a period at the end of that sentence with WWII?  How naive.

And the author, a Mr. Serge Faquet, is not some slouch throwing around casual opinions in order to be provocative.  By his own description, he is “a cliche Silicon Valley techie —Russian, Stanford, YCombinator, started a couple large/successful companies, working in artificial intelligence now (Mirror Emoji Keyboard, basically using the popularity of emoji as a backdoor into building the most powerful face-perception AI in the world).

Oh, and as if the content of the post was not troublesome enough, there were plenty of followup comments supporting his views.

The article is lengthy and detailed.  I didn’t provide a link to it here because I find it too disturbing.  For a closer look, you can search it on your own.

Back to the purpose of this blog and specific post – so here we are, witnessing the blatant promotion of ideas that were at one time so threatening to the core decency of humanity that they swallowed the world up in a global war.  This time it is in our own country.

What do we do about it?

If it calls your name, it may be the start of your Legacy Career.  If it calls your name, you may want to find out more about it – everything you can.  If it calls your name, you may want to form a group to stand against it; to make everyone aware of it; to ensure that this tenacious and evil idea of a master race remains no more than an irritating grain of sand.

If it calls your name you may want to make it the reason for your Legacy Career – to form a pearl.

If this isn’t the one that calls your name – keep looking.  There’s a lot of sand out there.

Yours in faith, character, and service –


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